It’s easy to take a retrospective look at our lives before sobriety and identify the obvious ways our lives have improved. Common improvements include:

  • Freedom from the cycle of substance use
  • Waking up without hangovers or cravings to use
  • Freedom from incongruent emotions and actions
  • Improved self-respect and self-esteem
  • Often second chances to rebuild relationships and redeem ourselves

There are less obvious benefits to sobriety as well, that are just as rewarding. Let’s explore the remarkable benefits of sobriety.

More Energy and a Better Immune System

When we remove the toxins from our body, our system can focus on what it was meant to do. Rather than straining to remove drug and alcohol toxins, our bodies can use their full potential to heal and fight off illness.

One year after a person’s last drink, their risk of liver, breast and throat cancer begins to reduce and osteoporosis damage can be halted from progressing further.

Depression and Anxiety May Lighten

Alcohol and some drugs are depressants. When these are taken out of the picture, our body can find its natural chemical balance.

Our brains are able to function at a level previously weighed down by substance. We also have less shame and guilt leading to a more positive outlook.

You May Be Happier

In sobriety, you start to become more and more present in the moment and naturally begin to notice the beauty and precious moments happening in real time. Others notice you are actually paying attention to them and life becomes more enjoyable when we are present and engaged. You also have a higher stress tolerance and increased ability to be patient with others.

Better Appearance

Your skin will likely start to clear or skin issues may even completely resolve. Often personal hygiene is thrown to the wayside when we are using.

For example, we may not be concerned about washing our face at night, brushing our teeth or showing daily when we are more concerned with chasing a high or curing a hangover.

Windmoor Healthcare Can Help

Stopping the substance is only one part of the equation. Often alcohol and drug use is an attempt to numb the emotional pain we are feeling. When we choose to stop drinking and using, we need to have the skills to work through our thoughts, emotions, and behavior in a healthy way.

Being a part of a Partial Hospitalization Program or Intensive Outpatient Program after detox is a great opportunity to get the tools and specialized support you need to be successful.

If you or someone you love is interested in substance use treatment, give Windmoor Healthcare a call at 727-322-7222. You can also contact us online.